Organic Social Media

Organic social media is an important aspect of our overall digital strategy. It is where you can grow your brand and connect with your customers, developing relationships with them. As part of our organic social strategy, we create original content, build monthly calendars for each network, schedule and publish and review analytics. We also provide community management to ensure that our clients are engaging with their audience daily. Each of our client’s social media strategy and recommended networks vary based on their audience and goal.

Influencer Campaigns

BTG has worked with a variety of social media influencers from nano to mega. The impact that a successful influencer partnership can have on a brand is significant. Our team works diligently on researching influencer partnerships, developing campaigns and working closely with the influencers to ensure that the overall direction is implemented as intended. These partnerships have proven extremely successful in achieving the growth and awareness goals for our clients.

Social Media Campaigns

Developing strong social media campaigns that can stand alone and/or support an in-center intiative is key to a successful digital brand strategy. BTG works closely with air clients to create campaigns that have specific goals for engagements, impressions, reach and growth. Our team's unique insight into all social media platforms is key to producing dynamic creative.

Curated Content

Coordinating with our clients to curate original content to encourage traffic to their brand is a key capability at BTG. We have formed amazing retail partnerships over the years that have afforded us the luxury of being able to communicate efficiently and effectively in order to achieve the required client goals. A high level of comfort has been established that allows us to visit brands, take original images and create content that is unique to our clients. Through these collaborations we have also been able to conceptualize and implement original campaigns with a branded and cohesive look and feel that is entirely original content produced in-house or taken on site.

Paid Social Media Ads

To reach a wider audience, paid social media ads are implemented into our clients’ allocated monthly budgets with specific goals. From there, we analyze our results for the month and generate a social ad with a call to action. Goals for the month include page growth, lead generation, impressions, reach and engagement.

Video Content

Over the years we have seen the importance of creating an omnichannel experience for our clients. We have expanded our digital capabilities to meet the digital advertising challenges that our client face. We have seen the popularity and importance of video content on all of these digital platforms. Creating a strong digital video marketing strategy is key to creating and reinforcing brand awareness. We have been able to create original video content with efficiencies so that it is able to be used across multiple digital channels.